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EuForia was born at the first European regional conference in Breukelen, The Netherlands in 1999.  At the final meeting of the Conference our first Regional Director, Christina Lindqvist, explained her proposal for the need for a regular form of regional communication.  Her argument was that this would bring us closer together as a membership and her view was that we needed to use an electronic form because this was the future for communication world-wide.

There remained three decisions:

·         What would this electronic newsletter be called?

·         How often would it be published?

·         Who would edit and produce it?

We brainstormed ideas for a title and it was a member from Great Britain, Loetitia Stone, who proposed EuForia because the newsletter would be the European region’s communication and discussion Forum.  Also, with a different spelling, the word “euphoria” in English means joy and elation, which is what we all felt as we celebrated the formation of our region.

We quickly agreed that our newsletter should be published three times each year, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  There remained one decision, who should produce EuForia?  At this point in the discussions Christina issued one of the first directives in her new role.  She turned to me and said – This is a job for you Joan.  It was said with such conviction that I felt I must accept, admittedly with great trepidation.  My IT knowledge and skills were very rudimentary and these have been developed and learned the hard way over the years.  It has, however, been a great joy and privilege to have produced something which members still insist is a valuable and positive part of our Society activities.  EuForia has certainly provided insight and information about who we are and what are doing in the world of education in Europe and beyond.  I hope EuForia will continue to play a valuable role in our regional society life for a long time to come.  

Joan Carroll,  Editor

The success of EuForia has been almost entirely due to Joan’s commitment and dedication from the very beginningIt has not always been easy to encourage members to submit articles electronically but Joan has succeeded in producing a newsletter representative of all our countries!


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