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                  Click here for September 2014:  Ideas for Supporting Early Career Educators

                  Click here for August 2014:  Schools for Africa -- Transforming Lives through Education

                  Click here for April 2014:  How Does Your Garden Grow?

                  Click here for March 2014:  Get Ready to Travel

                  Click here for February2014: Let Me Call You Sweetheart

                  Click here for January 2014:  Treasures of the Past

                  Click here for December 2013:  Visiting Illinois Museums

                  Click here for November 2013:  Attending Conventions

                  Click here for October 2013:  Tech Tidbits

                  Click here for June 2013:  Planning Programs

                  Click here for May 2013: Family Genealogy

                  Click here for April 2013: Book Talk

                  Click here for March 2013: Tie on Your Apron and Tell Your Tale

                  Click here for February 2013: Planning a Chapter Book Fair

                  Click here for January 2013: Mini Creative Arts Retreat

                  Click here for December 2012: Chinese Auction and Christmas Brunch

                  Click here for November 2012: Children's Literature Trivial Pursuit

                  Click here for Octtember 2012: Pass it ON

                  Click here for September 2012: Developing a Strategic Action Plan for your Chapter

                  Click here for August 2012: Are you Ready to Vote?

                  Click here for July 2012: Greening Your School

                  Click here for June 2012: Rainbow Riders - Therapeutic Horse Riding

                  Click here for May 2012: A Service Project to Share with Others by Doing Together

                  Click here for April 2012: Reading Recovery Quincy Training Site

                  Click here for March 2012: From Sliderules to 'SMART Boards'

                  Click here for February 2012: Telling Our Story Through Our Best Teacher Tools

                  Click here for January 2012:  Art Share

                  Click here for December 2011:  Let Your Voices Be Heard!

                  Click here for November 2011:  THAT (Teachers Helping Another Teacher)

                  Click here for October 2011:  Culinary Arts

                  Click here for September 2011:  Schools for Africa

                  Click here for August 2011:  Programs that Spotlight Members and Previous Members

                  Click here for July 2011:  Outstanding Local Women

                  Click here for June 2011:  Innovative Ways to Have Programs Using Technology

                  Click here for May 2011:  Let's have a Trash Party

                  Click here for April 2011:  Cold versus Flu

                  Click here for March 2011:  Book Talk

                  Click here for February 2011:  Women's Health

                  Click here for January 2011:  A DKG Music Mixer

                  Click here for December 2010:  Promoting Literacy

                  Click here for November 2010:  Happy Thanksgiving

                  Click here for October 2010:  Pumpkin Personality

                  Click here for September 2010:  It's September Again

                  Click here for August 2010:  Program Ideas from Lambda State

                  Click here for July 2010:  Hats, Hats, and more Hats

                  Click here for June 2010:  A Julia Child Pot Luck Luncheon

                  Click here for May 2010:  Musical Chalkings or A "Photo" Idea

                  Click here for April 2010:  Icebreakers

                  Click here for March 2010:  What you can do with a purse!

                  Click here for Feb 2010:  Sweet Hearts

                  Click here for Jan 2010:  Happy New Music Year

                  Click here for Dec 2009:  Holiday Caroling

                  Click here for Nov 2009:  A Child with Diabetes, Oh My!

                  Click here for Oct 2009:  Brown Bag of Tricks

                  Click here for Sept 2009:  A Politically Active Chapter

                  Click here for Aug 2009:  Heart Healthy Ideas

                  Click here for July 2009:  Yard Sale Fundraiser

                  Click here for June 2009:  Celebrate Chapter Heritage

                  Click here for May 2009:  Revisiting Timely "Nutrition" Tips

                  Click here for April 2009:  Humor and Laughter

                  Click here for March 2009:  Other Countries

                  Click here for February 2009:  Gold Buying Event

                  Click here for January 2009:  Art Minute

                  Click here for December 2008:  Program Ideas from OCLs 08

                  Click here for November 2008:  Program Manual Ideas

                  Click here for October 2008:  Best Practices

                  Click here for September 2008:  VOTE NO!

                  Click here for August 2008:  Open the Gift of History!

                   Click here for July 2008:  Great Ideas

                   Click here for June 2008:  Train

                   Click here for May 2008: Why School Wellness?

                   Click here for April 2008:  Focus on Music

                  Click here for March 2008:  Lincoln, A Yearlong Celebration

                   Click here for February 2008:  Favorite Poems

                   Click here for January 2008:  Look Back to Look Ahead

                   Click here for December 2007:  Name That Tune or Purse Auction Fundraiser

                   Click here for November 2007:  Fun with History

                   Click here for October 2007:  A Fund "Raising" Idea!

                   Click here for September 2007:  Legislative Action

                   Click here for August 2007:  Multicultural Experiences

                   Click here for July 2007:  Bunco Night

                   Click here or June 2007:  Illinois Book Awards

                   Click here for May 2007:  Founder's Day Celebration

                   Click here for April 2007:  Second Time Around Style Show 

                   Click here for March 2007: International Women's Day and Gardening Ideas

                   Click here for February 2007: Thinking About Membership?   

                   Click here for January 2007:  Patriot Act Program

                   Click here for December 2006:  3 December Program Ideas

                   Click here for November 2006:  Do You Know Your Organization?

                   Click here for October 2006:  So you Want to Take a Field Trip 

                   Click here for July/Aug 2006:  Book Reviews... Summer Reading

                   Click here  for June 2006:   Legislative Bingo

                   Click here for May 2006: A Fund Raiser

                   Click here for April 2006:  Preparing for a Garden:  Recognizing the Beauty in Groups 


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