Founder - Miss Stella Bench
stella bench

Principal, Galena High School, Galena, Illinois, for twenty-five years.

Miss Bench helped with the organization and became a charter member of Zeta Chapter in 1936. In 1938 she organized Pi Chapter for the vicinity of Galena and shared with them her encouragement and guidance during her years of membership. Her efforts were also part of the organization of Alpha Mu chapter in 1945.

Because she believed that well-rounded education makes for happier living, in her position as principal, she gave recognition for scholarship, music, dramatics and other school activities as well as for athletics. She put her theory into practice in her personal life hobbies: birds, clouds, gardening, travel, books and poetry, all of which made her a charming and interesting person.

She was an idealist, able to impart her ideals to others. Those about her were aware of her impartiality, sincerity, kindness, honesty and loyalty.

Deceased,1951. (Notes taken from a biography written by Mary Ebel Buford, Pi Chapter)

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