Founder - Mrs. Ethel C. (Perkins) Coe
ethel coe

County Superintendent, McHenry County Schools, Woodstock, Illinois, (1925-1943), born October 29, 1881.

Mrs. Coe served as Lambda State's first recording secretary. In 1936 she became a charter member of Epsilon Chapter and in 1943 helped organize and became a charter member of Alpha Theta Chapter where she remained actively interested until her death in 1959.

She was known throughout the state for her work in rural education. In her own words she found at that time the rural teacher was "at the bottom of the heap." She brought electricity, cheerful color, indoor toilets and furnaces into the schools. She also facilitated the organization of work, libraries, music, art and supervision. She helped school boards see the need for improvement and showed them the way to carry out their plans. When a teacher showed special talent, she called for a demonstration meeting so that others would catch the spark; thus, she lifted teacher morale by giving them a light to follow. Out of this work came the first workbook. Mrs. Coe described herself as a catalyst. Other county superintendents looked to her for methodology. Other area leaders consulted her for advice.

Deceased, 1959. (Condensed from a biography written by Faith Harrington, Alpha Theta.)

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