Founder - Miss Isabella Dolton
Assistant Superintendent, Chicago Schools, Chicago, Illinois; formerly Principal, Thomas Kelly High School, Chicago, Illinois.

Miss Dolton became a charter member of Kappa Chapter in 1937. That same year she was appointed by the governor to the State Commission on Child Welfare. She held the office of President of the Chicago Principals' Organization. When she retired, most people throughout the state thought it was because she was "tired" of the vagaries of the public school system in Chicago.

At age seventy she worked in a defense plant. She enjoyed telling her friends about how she was learning, too, because she had to ask her foreman about her new job and was told very explicitly, if not grammatically, "Lady, all you have to do is put this here on that there."

The National Honor Society of Thomas Kelly High School named its local chapter in her honor, Kelly High School Isabella Dolton Chapter National Honor Society. Caption under her photograph in the 1938-1939 year book reads, True Leader, Willing Adviser, Genial Friend.

Deceased, 1955. (From a small note card found in state file.)

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