Founder - Miss Erma F. Imboden

Training Teacher, Illinois State Normal University, Normal, Illinois.

Miss Imboden was largely responsible for the organization of Beta Chapter where she became a charter member in 1936, remaining an active member until her death in 1944.

Recognized throughout Illinois as a distinguished teacher with a broad vision and a genius for organization and leadership, she made a name for herself at Illinois State Normal University for her outstanding contribution to the boys and girls of the seventh and eighth grades of the Thomas Metcalf School. She also taught mathematics during summer sessions at the university and for one year served as acting dean of women.

Miss Imboden typified teaching at its best and teaching as a service profession. She possessed that rare influence that caused children to want to learn. Under her guidance school subjects took on meaning, usefulness, and joy in mastering. Her classroom was democracy in action and democracy at its best. Her influence was reflected in the student teachers who taught that unique spirit of service which so characterized her daily work.

She played hard, too! Whether her relaxation was playing cards, going to movies, knitting, hosting dinner parties, traveling, or enjoying photography, she entered into the diversion with her whole being and added to the enjoyment of the group.

She was active in the organization of many Lambda State chapters and held the office of state treasurer from 1935 to 1943. By vote of the 1945 Lambda State Convention, the second state scholarship was established in her name.
Deceased Sept. 9, 1944. (From a biography written by Lucy Tasher, Beta Chapter.)

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