Founder - Dr. Mayme I. Logsdon
m logsdon

Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Logsdon became a charter member of Kappa Chapter in 1937, and after her retirement was a member of a chapter in Miami, Florida.

She was active in determining the early policies of Lambda State Organization.
Her accomplishments in the field of mathematical analysis positioned her among leaders in various fields of education. She is described as an instructor at Chicago from 1921 to 1925 when she was promoted to assistant professor. During the year 1925 to 1926 she was an International Education Board Fellow, studying in Rome. Her paper "Complete groups of points on a plane cubic curve of genus one" appeared in TAMS 27 (1925)

She held the envy of her friends because she enjoyed a cottage in the Dunes of Indiana and was a great devotee of outdoor life.

At one time she was president of the Chicago branch of A. A. U. W.
The following is copied from a letter written to Miss Ruth Schneider on May 14, 1967, just a few weeks before her death. "Since 1946 I have been Associate Professor Emeritus of the University of Miami. My field is mathematics. I am now eighty-five years old and am living an extremely satisfactory life in the East Ridge Lutheran Retirement Village near Miami. I have enjoyed reading the reports of DELTA KAPPA GAMMA activities in Lambda State which have reached me and I congratulate those who have worked so successfully in building an important place for the Society in the educational world."

Deceased July 4, 1967

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