Founder - Dr. Emma Reinhardt

Head of Department of Education, Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College, Charleston, Illinois.

Dr. Reinhardt helped organize and became a charter member of Gamma Chapter in 1936. She was instrumental in forming chapters in the Charleston, Mattoon and Paris areas. She served as second Lambda State president (1938-1940) and was national president (1940-1942).

Dr. Reinhardt was distinguished by being the first woman to receive a PhD in Education from the University of Illinois in 1927.

She taught as a member of the staff at Eastern Illinois State College of Education from 1927-1964 and was head of the Department of Education from 1934 until her retirement in 1964.

In 1943 she received the DELTA KAPPA GAMMA Achievement Award, the highest honor bestowed by the society.

She wrote widely in her chosen field and is considered a prominent Pike County, Illinois author. Her book, American Education, An Introduction, was used for many years as a text in the field. With Dr. Elizabeth Lawson of Eastern Illinois State University she made a study of two surveys: one on the orientation of new teachers in Illinois and the other on the matter of retention of teachers in school systems. This study was done while she was state chairman of Committee on Research. Reports of these studies have appeared in numerous educational journals and reprints are frequently requested.

Dr. Reinhardt was particularly reticent about her work, a thorough student but reserved about her own accomplishments. She has been characterized as possessing the simple dignity that characterizes a truly great soul. Those who knew her best recognized that whatever she did or wherever she went the persons she met caught a little of her spirit of grace and dignity.

Born 8/10/1895, deceased 11/11/1973. (Condensed from a biography written by Helen Hunsinger, Alpha Zeta.)

During the Lambda State convention held at O'Hare Inn, Chicago, in 1968, Dr. Reinhardt was honored with a gift in her name to the DELTA KAPPA GAMMA Educational Foundation.

After her retirement in 1964 she maintained her membership in Gamma Chapter. She lived quietly at her home on the family farm near Pittsfield, Illinois, spending winters in Arizona.

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