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Music Committee

Letter to Chapter Music Chair Fall, 2014

Music (Choral and Instrumental) Registration Form in Word as PDF

The Music Committee is here to support your Chapter as it creates musical stories and memories during the 2011-2013 Biennium.
Make it a habit to visit this Music Page on the Lambda State Web site often and look through all
the music that is available for your chapter to borrow from the Music Lending Library.  Fill
out one of the Lending Library Forms, send it in, and VOILA!  You can use that music in your
Chapter for only the cost of postage!  What could be easier?
At our State Convention in April, we are going to include all kinds of music played and sung by
our own members from around Lambda State.  The chorus and orchestra will be performing
together again at the Presidents’ Banquet!   In the Winter Newscaster, there will be a form
to sign up for the Chorus and/or the Chamber Orchestra to sing and/or play at our
Lambda State Convention.  You can participate wherever your musical love shows itself at our
convention.  All you need is the commitment and determination to make this an excellent chorus
and/or chamber orchestra.  Join us in these two adventures.  We even provide CD’s for you to
learn your chorus part before you come to the Convention!

Share your Musical Talents

Choral and Orchestra Convention Registration Form:--- in Word ---- in pdf
Please let your chapter members know they can join these groups at this extraordinary Lambda State Convention!  You may contact State Music Committee members to let us know about members who may have special talents of which we are not aware.  We want to include as many members as possible in this celebration!  If you have any questions about music in contact a member of the State Music Committee, and let’s make this a year of musical memories.

Yours in musical sisterhood,
Joy Lynn Beebe (Delta Beta) Chair Music   


Music Committee
Elaine Cunningham (Alpha Beta)  
Patty Hopkins (Omicron)    
Susan Kaye(Beta Tau)    
Diane Kettelson (Rho)     
Teresa Maguire (GU) VPres/Chair Ed Ex
Patti McNaught (Omega) 
Jean Pittman (Gamma Upsilon)          
Mary Stayner (Beta Omega)Chair WIA 
Judy Voorhees (Alpha Iota)   
Patricia Wakey (Beta Omega)  
Susan Young (Beta Tau)
LaVonne Chaney (Beta Pi)Pres/ex officio                                        

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