Delta Kappa Gamma Illinois State Organization


Kammie Richter, Executive Assistant Vicki L. Smith, Treasurer
2017-2023 2022-2024



Illinois State Organization Personnel Committee
Melinda Davis, Chair
Joy Beebe
Laura Beltchenko
Loryann Eis
Beverly Madsen
Sheila Mikeworth
Patricia Mizerka
Debra Singley
Sharon White
Susan Young
Dr. Joan Rog, President, ex officio


Illinois State Organization Executive Assistant and Editor, Kammie Richter, and Treasurer, Vicki L. Smith are effective leaders and provide Illinois State Organization with on-going support as they fulfill their personnel duties*.  


The Illinois State Organization Editor: Dr. Kammie Richter

  • Edits, publishes, and mails at least four issues of the Newscaster annually, one issue per quarter.
  • Is responsible for taking pictures and the picture content of the Newscaster.
  • Covers all State Conventions, Executive Board meetings, and other state meetings for the Newscaster.
  • Serves as a member of the following committees: ILSO Executive Board (ex-officio, without vote) Communications and Marketing, and State Planning (ex-officio, with vote).
  • Serves as an ambassador to chapters.
  • Submits an annual publications budget to the State Finance Committee Chair and the State President for approval.
  • Keeps a picture file of Illinois State Organization members, requests bids for printing, keeps a file of bound copies, and submits bids to bind several volumes of the Newscaster as needed.
  • Reports at the State Executive Board meetings and the State Convention.
  • Makes a public statement of ownership to comply with mailing permit regulations and cooperates with postal officials on current regulations.
  • Checks all information on “late arriving” Newscasters and requests a Postal Inspector and/or local postal authorities to check reports on late or missing Newscasters.


The Illinois State Organization Executive Assistant: Kammie Richter

  • Performs such duties as are prescribed in her contract and/or delegated by the Executive Board and the President and serves as an ex-officio member, without vote, on the International and State Executive Boards.
  • Furnishes requested information to International and attends applicable Pre-Conference meetings at International Conferences.
  • Performs duties assigned by the State Executive Board and by the State President in a timely manner and prepares, orders and assembles required materials for Executive Board meetings, Leadership Conferences, and State Conventions.  
  • Is responsible for lining up head tables for all meal functions, in accordance with lists provided by the State President, and for the presidents’ processional at the banquet.
  • Reports at the State Convention and State Executive Board.
  • Visits convention sites with the President.
  • Is responsible for preparing materials for the induction of honorary members and the installation of new chapters.     
  • Prepares and distributes state materials for monthly Presidents’ letter.
  • Orders and maintains office supplies and chapter paraphernalia.
  • Serves as a member of the following committees: ILSO Executive Board (ex-officio, without vote), Event Planning and Management, Leadership Development, Finance, State Planning, and Educational Excellence (ex-officio, with vote).
  • Serves as an Ambassador of Good Will to chapters.

The Illinois State OrganizationTreasurer: Vicki L. Smith



  • Makes an annual report on Form 16, received from International Headquarters, by the deadline.
  • Submits the approved budget to International Headquarters.
  • Submits the books annually for a complete audit by a Certified Public Accountant and sends copies of the audit report to International Headquarters.

Illinois State Organization:

  • Is accountable to the Executive Board for maintaining good financial records.
  • Pays all bills in a timely manner after approval by the President and keeps timely and accurate accounts.
  • Maintains the Available Fund, the Scholarship Fund, the Available Fund Reserve, the Blanche Cline Merwin Fund, the Grant–in-Aid Fund, the Women-in-the-Arts Fund, the Lambda State Foundation for Educational Studies, Inc. Funds, Emma Reinhardt Fund, Emilie Lepthien Fund, William Charles Iwert and Elizabeth J Iwert Scholarship Fund, and the Reservation Funds as separate accounts.
  • Deposits all money in the name of Illinois State Organization of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, with the name of the Treasurer and President on the signature card.
  • Makes transfers from the Available Fund to the Scholarship Fund and from the Reservation Fund to the Grant-In-Aid Fund and Women in the Arts Fund by the end of the fiscal year.
  • Purchases a fidelity bond as authorized by the Executive Board.
  • Presents a financial report at the State Convention and State Executive Board meetings.
  • Sends copies of monthly bank statements to the State President, Finance Chair, and Lambda State Foundation for Educational Studies Board Chair.
  • Submits the books annually for a complete audit by a Certified Public Account and send copies of the audit report to the Illinois State Organization President, Finance Chair, Historian for the archives and Executive Assistant.
  • Pays salaries of the professional staff monthly, withholds FICA taxes and Medicare taxes from all salary checks and deposits these deductions, along with the matching Illinois State Organization contribution monthly and maintains file of employee contracts.
  • Prepares a printout of all budget items for the Executive Board.
  • Serves as Treasurer of the Lambda State Foundation for Educational Studies, Inc.
  • Serves as a member of the following committees: ILSO Executive Board (ex-officio, without vote), Finance, Leadership Development, State Planning, and Lambda State Foundation for Educational Studies, Inc. (ex-officio, with vote).
  • Serves as an Ambassador of Goodwill to chapters.
  • Invests funds according to the Investment Policy.
  • Maintains a record of all contributions made to International (form 43) and Illinois State Organization Funds (Form IL 43).
  • Assists in the induction of state honorary members.
  • Attends Executive Board meetings and State Conventions and when applicable, attends planned training at Pre-International Conferences and Pre-International Conventions.
  • Maintains a necrology list separate from the electronic Chapter Connect and works with the Chapter Membership Chairs in compiling an accurate listing for the annual Celebration of Life Ceremony.
  • Provides financial information for scholarships, grants, and costs for planned events.

Illinois State Organization Chapters:

  • Receives required fees and membership dues from Chapter Treasurers by preferred date July 10, but no later than September 30.  
  • Receives Form 15 from Chapter Treasurers by July 15.
  • Maintains accurate membership records for each chapter and receives chapter changes of members’ names or addresses.
  • Reminds Chapter Treasurers to make contributions to Illinois State Organization funds and to International funds by December 31.
  • Communicates and corresponds frequently with Chapter Treasurers.
  • Distributes fee forms and special instructions to Chapter Treasurers at the beginning of the fiscal year and conducts sessions for Chapter Treasurers at the Chapter Leaders Workshops.
  • Assists in the installation of new chapters.
  • Orders and pays for all International supplies as coordinated with the State President.
  • Reminds Chapter Treasurers to file Form 990N with IRS between July 1 and November 15 annually and requests a copy of acceptance from each Treasurer and reports compliance to the Business Services Division at DKG International.    





*These lists have been modified from the specific duties of each personnel member as included in the Illinois State Organization Personnel Handbook. If you wish to see the complete list of duties, please contact the Chair of the Illinois State Organization Personnel Committee Melinda Davis at


last update September 3, 2022