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Omicron Ten-Year History

To Chapter Presidents:
Thank you for sending your ten-year chapter histories for our Volume IV Lambda State History.
You should be aware that this will happen again at the end of the next decade. Writing the report will
be so much easier for the chapter president at that time if you start the process of saving the needed
information. I would suggest that each current chapter president purchase a flash drive and save as
much as possible to pass along to the upcoming presidents. Included in the material saved should be
such things as secretary's reports, newsletters, news articles, and other things that pertain to your
chapter. On the state level we have found passing on a flash drive (aka thumb drive, memory stick, etc.)
is so much more practical than passing on tubs of material.

Chapter History (Word Format)
Committee Archive Guidelines

The responsibility of the Illinois State Organization Historian is to preserve the many records of our Society.  These materials are part of the collection in the Dr. Jo Ann Rayfield Archives of Illinois State University in Normal.  A listing of these materials is recorded on an Excel spreadsheet; this index is available to any member who requests it from the State Historian.  You may also contact her concerning specific records.  Be sure to submit your request well in advance of the need for the material.

Each chapter president is asked to write a history of her biennium.  A guide is available in the Forms section under Chapter History.  A link to that is shown above.  The chapter history may be done in two parts (one for each year of the president’s term) or done as one document (including information for both years of her term).  This information can be retrieved by the Illinois State Organization Historian upon request for use in writing the chapter's extended history.  Be sure to give the Historian adequate time to travel to the archives to obtain copies of the required information.

Lou Ann Jacobs, Alpha Beta (26)
Illinois State Organization Historian


last update October 24, 2021