DKG Illinois State Organization



Permission to Post Form in Word as PDF

Submitting Chapter News for Publication in the

Kammie Richter, Editor

   All chapter presidents, state officers and chairs
are urged to send in articles for the Newscaster


  • State officers and committee chairs should send a copy of their article to the state president, Dr. Joan L Rog for her approval Upon approval, she will send it to the Editor, Kammie Richter.

  • Chapter presidents OR chapter communication chairs will send their article directly to me.

  • If someone sends in a Coordinating Council article, label the submission as such including the chapters involved so I know where to insert the article.

  • Due dates are January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15. You are not required to submit an article for each issue, but state committee chairs may be asked to share information about meetings and upcoming events.

Important criteria for Chapter submissions to the
DKG ILSO Newscaster

  1. Send in your chapter article as soon as it is ready, or by the due dates printed on the Newscaster which are: January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15.
  2. Make sure it is sent as a Word.doc attachment in Rockwell 11 font if possible.
  3. Chapter presidents are limited to 225 words and one photo and will send it directly to the editor.
  4. Chairs, officers, and personnel are limited to 325 words and one photo, graph, or table to send to the state president first.
  5. Please proof your article before sending it on by using the state editor feature in the upper right corner of your screen. 
  6. Do not include minutes of your meeting, or any of the usual events that take place at a meeting. The Newscasteris for sharing exciting occurrences, events, and news.
  7. If your news is from a Coordinating Council meeting, please label it as such.
  8. You are not required to send in an article for each issue, although state chairs may be asked to share more frequently.
  9. Use action verbs and refer to the event in the third person.
  10. Only one person from each chapter should be assigned to send in an article.
  11. If someone else wrote the article, please include the name of the person who wrote it, so the editor may contact them with questions.
  12. Please send photos as an attachment and as a JPG in medium or large size if you have that option. Do not send them in the body of your email.
  13. Photos should be accompanied by captions and names.
  14. Any person mentioned or in photographs should have the Permission to Post form on file with the chapter. This includes guest speakers.
  15. Do not send in photos or clip art found on the internet, as those are not allowed due to copyright issues. DKG International remains very clear on this.
  16. When you send in the names of members for white(deceased) or red (new member) roses, please make sure they are not in previous issues. 
  17. Send the name with the email address for any new members, and any email or address changes for present members to the treasurer and editor.
  18. Send address changes to the state treasurer, the state editor, and
    Revised 10/24/2022



Changes to emails and address should be sent to me immediately so the members will continue to receive The Newscaster.
Changes to emails and addresses should also be sent to our State Treasurer, Vicki Smith,
Changes to emails and addresses should be changed on the international website at You will need your DKG member number to log in.

last update November 8, 2022