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Illinois State Organization Bylaws 4/2022
Illinois State Organization Standing Rules 4/2022
Illinois State Organization Standing Rules Index 4/2021
Chapter Rules Checklist PDF Word
Chapter Rules Model 2021 PDF Word


Motion Form for submitting amendments, additions, deletions to Bylaws and Standing Rules

State Organization and Chapter Updates

According to the Constitution of DKG, "... each chapter shall have chapter rules
which are consistent with the Constitution and its state organization bylaws." It is
important to review your chapter rules each biennium, revise when necessary and
submit one dated, electronic copy to the ILSO Rules Chair.
The Chapter Rules Checklist and the Chapter Rules Model may assist you.

Here are some procedural hints.

1. Review: At least once a biennium, the chapter should review its chapter rules to
make sure the chapter rules reflect current chapter practices/procedures and that the
chapter rules are consistent with state and international governing documents.
Upon review, if changes are warranted, the chapter should amend the chapter rules
so that they reflect current chapter practices/procedures and are consistent with the
governing documents. If no changes are warranted, the chapter rules have been
reviewed. Date of review reflects date chapter rules were reviewed by the chapter,not amendment date. The date of the most current chapter review should appear in
the chapter rules.

2. Amendment: The exact procedure to be followed in amending rules should be
specified in the chapter rules and should include when rules may be amended, by
what body, proportion of vote needed, and procedure for notifying members. The
amending rule must be followed exactly and may not be suspended. The date of
the last amendment should appear in the chapter rules.

Rules are amended in the following ways:
A. To insert or to add (a word, consecutive words, or paragraph)
B. To strike out (a word, consecutive word, or paragraph)
C. To strike out and insert (which applies to words) or to substitute (which is not
applied to anything less than a complete paragraph of one or more sentences)

3. Proviso: An amendment to the rules goes into effect immediately when the vote
is announced, unless provision has been made prior to its adoption for a different
time of its effect.

4. Revision: A Revision may be necessary if the amendments to chapter rules are so
extensive that it is better to rewrite the entire chapter rules document and present it
as a new document. Before a Revision can be undertaken, the membership must
vote to allow a complete Revision. An ad hoc committee is then appointed by the
president to undertake the Revision. When completed, the Revision is voted upon
by the chapter. The date of the Revision replaces the original date of adoption and
should appear in the chapter rules.


For State

When proposing an amendment to the ILSO Bylaws and/or Standing Rules, use the Form for Submitting Amendments/Additions/Deletions to the Bylaws and Standing Rules

When proposing any other motions, use the Form for Submitting a Motion



For Chapters and State

Use motion etiquette when making a motion.


last update June 18, 2022