Lambda State (Illinois) The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Visitation Committee

As chapters transition into their new biennium 2016-2018, incoming presidents will be making plans.  Part of their planning includes a meeting with their Lambda State Ambassador of Good Will.  Incoming presidents will attend the Orientation for Chapter Leaders in June and learn about that visit and how to prepare. .

Below are the forms and information that both the President and Ambassador will use as part of that visit.


Letter from Visitation Committee Chair Sue Dion to Chapter Presidents

Letter from Visitation Committee Chair Sue Dion to Lambda State Ambassadors

Chapter Visitation Schedule 2016

Visitation Scheduling 2016 - as Interactive PDF ( right click "save link as" then open in PDF reader to enter and save data) or Visitation Scheduling 2016 - Interactive in Word

Visitors 2016

Lambda State Strategic Plan for Renewal 2015-2016

Chapter President Report on Ambassador's Visit

Chapter Committee Report Form

Materials to Prepare for Chapter Visit

Chapter President Report Form


Lambda State Ambassador Report of Chapter Visit

Chapter Rules Checklist Word or PDF

Ambassador Guidelines

It Doesn't Take Barbells to Strengthen a Chapter - Dr. Kammie Richter, Workshop from Dr. Lyn Schmid, 2013 NE Regional Workshop



last update April 13, 2016