"The Empire State"

The Mission of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is to provide professional and personal growth for women educators and excellence in education.

Our Vision Statement:
'Leading women educators impacting education worldwide'

Immediate Past President 2013-15 Dr. Joyce Tang installs
Pi State President-Elect 2015-17 Deborah Bedard

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Pi State President
Deborah Bedard

"Celebrating the
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President's Acceptance Speech

Pi State President-to-President Newsletter

Chapter Websites

Pi State Chapter Websites

International Digital Communications Policy
Standards for Society Website Certification

Chapter Website & Print Information Release Form
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Guidelines: What Every Editor & Webmaster Needs to Know

"Developing Your Chapter Website" tutorials by Leslie Chambers

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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions for Officers and Elected Personnel

Chapter Presidents

2014-2016 Chapter Presidents

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2013 - 2015 Visitation Schedule

List of Pi State & International Chapter Report Forms: "A Reference for Chapter Presidents"

Chapter Standing Rules Checklist (required)

Pi State List of Chapter Records to Keep: "A Reference for Chapter Presidents"

Linda Evans' Workshop on "Digital Scrapbooking"

Society Mission and Purpose Committees
Liaison: Karen Butters

-Educational Excellence
-Native American Grant(s)-in-Aid
-Pi State Achievement Award
-Travel and Study Stipend
-World Fellowship
Strategic Action Plan

Second Draft of the Report of the Strategic Action Plan

Survey of the 2014-16 Chapter Presidents

Chapter Treasurers

Chapter Treasurer's Forms

Gifts to Pi State Contribution Form

Subject to

Liaison: Jennifer Lee Alden

-Bea Small Award Board of Trustees
-Bea Small Leadership Speakers Fund
-Gladys L. Mersereau Grant(s)-in-Aid Board of Trustees
-Frederica Hollister Professional Educators Award
-Verna Mulholland Friend of Education Award Board of Trustees

Pi State Awards, Scholarships
& Grant(s)-in-Aid

Workshop Proposals are due November 1 and May 1.

Summary Chart

Application Forms

-Travel and Study Stipend
-Bea Small Award
-Gladys L. Mersereau Grant(s)-in-Aid
-Frederica Hollister Professional Educators Award
-Verna Mulholland Friend of Education Award
-Native American Grant(s)-in-Aid
-Pi State Achievement Award
-EEC Workshop Proposal Form
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Area Council Guidelines

Area Council Visitation Request 2015-17
Area Council Visitation Guidelines 2015-17

State map Showing Chapter Area Councils

Area Councils and Conference Chart
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NC Area Council Conference - October 17, 2015

Area Council Financial Report

Sample Area Council Evaluation Form

Special Ad Hoc Committees

Pi State Headquarters
Pi State Strategic Action Plan

Pi State Educational Foundation

About the Pi State Educational Foundation

Virginia (Ginny) Dudko, Pi State Educational Foundation President

-Pi State Educational Foundation Membership Registration Form
-Pi State Educational Foundation Contribution Form

Pi State Educational Foundation Project Grant

Applications are due November 1 and May 1.

-Strengthening Your Grant Application information
-Pi State Educational Foundation Grant Application
Pi State Educational Grant Application

Pi State Directory

2015-2016 Pi State Directory Order Form
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Pi State 2015-2016 Update Information
International Liaisons

DKG at the United Nations

DKG Gallery of Fine Arts Liaison

US Forum Liaison

Pi Lights Online

Pi Lights individual issues

New York State
Link to NYS "I Love New York" Website
Pi State History

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 10.18.14
Pi State BYLAWS & Standing Rules

BYLAWS Standing Rules

Important Dates

Important Dates May 2015-April 2016

Pi State President Deborah Bedard with Delta President
Sharon Patrick to celebrate Delta's 75th Anniversary

Pi State Parliamentarian Ellie Robinson
with Pi State Past President & Bylaws & Standing Rules Chair Karen Crumley

Updated 8/25/2015