NEWS FROM LIZ (April 2011)

Greetings to my Delta Kappa Gamma Sisters,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and excited about the state convention scheduled for Saturday, May 7, 2011. Alpha Beta, Sigma, and Theta have some great things planned, and we will be unveiling our new website. So I hope you plan to attend.

We want to honor some of our sisters with Achievement Awards, so if you would like to nominate someone from your chapter, go online to our website and print an application It needs to be send to me by April 22, 2011.

Don't forget about the Southwest Regional Conference June 29-July 2 in Denver. We are offering stipends of $200 to help cover registration and expenses. You will receive your stipend after you attend the conference.

We are planning for the next biennium and are in need of people to serve on state committees and in other areas. If you would be willing to serve, please email me at
Hope to see you soon,

Liz Naccarato
Alpha Theta State President

Message from Helen Popovich, Chair of the Educational Excellence Committee (March 2011)

The international Educational Excellence Committee is a brand new committee established by the 2010 international convention. Throughout the Society, members have raised questions about this new committee and how it intends to carry out responsibilities assigned to it in the DKG Constitution and Standing Rules.
To answer those questions, the Educational Excellence Committee has written an article providing a defintion of the Committee's role and stating its goals for the 2010-2012 bienium (see below).

Please be reminded that the Constitution gives state organizations and chapters the authority to establish whatever committee structure they choose in order to carry out the state organization and chapter level work represented in the constitutional description of the Educational Excellence Committee.

If state organizations and chapters decide to shift to the international committee structure, they may also choose to adopt the international committee's definition for their respective Educational Excellence committees. In addition, they may wish to have their Educational Excellence committees present programs and spearhead activities that reflect the goals of the international committee. In this way, state organizations and chapters can fulfill their state organization and chapter level responsibilities for the work represented in the constitutional description of the Educational Excellence Committee.

Highlights from the Article for DKG News

Definition: "The Educational Excellence Committee promotes International projects, supports early-career educators, and encourages programs and activities that further educational excellence worldwide."

To embrace our vision, "Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Wordwide," the Educational Excellence Committee urges every chaper and state organization throughout the Society to focus on two major initiatives:

*Support for the Society's official Schools for Africa project, and
*Support for early-career educators.

Information on these initiatives is readily available on the DKG website and its publications.

President's Note (2/28/11)

Thank you to the more than 60 Alpha Theta State members who joined us in the French countryside (actually, La Caille Restaurant) on Saturday, January 29th for our annual membership luncheon.

President's Message (11/12/10)

Greetings, Alpha Theta State Sisters,

Let me introduce myself. I am Liz Naccarato, your new state president. You may know that Nyla Adamson has resigned as president and, as 1st vice-president, I have stepped into the position of president. I am excited about this new challenge and I hope I can count on your support in making Alpha Theta State a successful and supportive part of DKG. I will keep you informed of the events that are planned for the remainder of this biennium.

About Me

I have taught in Granite School District for 13 years and I'm currently teaching 6th grade at Redwood Elementary. Each day is a new adventure and most days I love it! I also began work on a Master's Degree in May. It's exciting and invigorating being a student again. I have 3 grown children and the pride and joy of my life are my 10 grandchildren.

Calling All Members

We would like to get an email address from each of our members so we can keep you up to date on information and activities. Please send them to me at

Liz Naccarato
2010-11 Alpha Theta State President
Updated April 8, 2011