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During the 1982 Delta Kappa Gamma International Convention, a survey revealed that members saw a need for students to use their writing skills and artistic talents, hence; in 1985, Wisconsin established the Mary Jo Nettesheim Literary Competition. Over the years, grades 3-12 were included, with Illustrator Awards being added in 1990. At this time, Wisconsin’s Sigma State is the only state in the Delta Kappa Gamma International Organization to sponsor a Literary Competition.

Local chapters contact schools in their area and provide them with competition rules, suggestions for getting started and the date finished books are due to the local chapter.  Each local chapter then judges the original fiction and/or enhanced personal narrative books based on Story Structure/Organization, Creativity/ Originality, accomplished spelling, sentence structure and grammar, as well as, Presentation/Illustrations.

Up to ten of the local chapter winners are sent to the state level.  The books are judged again, with these books also being judged for illustrations.  Illustrations are judged for their Originality, Appropriateness to text, Continuity throughout the story, Creative use of art media and techniques, Cover Design and Neatness.

Winning books are displayed at the Spring Sigma State Convention. Top winners are invited to the convention luncheon and asked to read their books to the Delta Kappa Gamma Members.

Information on publishing books and a writers workshop are available. Contact Judy or Pat, phone numbers below.


Sigma State's Annual Mary Jo Nettesheim Memorial Literary and Illustrator Competition 2017 Contest Information and Rules

Click here to download a copy of the 2017 Literary Competition Application with Information and Rules

This booklet is set up to run back-to-back and folded into a booklet.


Click here to download a Fillable copy of the 2017 Literary Competition Application with Information and Rules

The Contact Information, Due Date, and Name of your Local Chapter can be typed on the lines, printed, saved to your computer, and then attached to an email to be sent to the teachers in your area.

Please allow time for this document to load.


PowerPoint Presentation Explaining Literary Competition

Chapter Literary Chairs

Information on How to Publish a Book using

Literary Competition Handbook Part 1

Literary Competition Handbook Part 2

For more information, please call
Judy Snyder at 608-754-5295 or
Pat Brabazon at 608-868-7239

Individuals, please submit the Literary Book to
the Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter nearest to your
location. To find the nearest Chapter, click here.
You must follow the local Chapters directions for
location to submit your entry and due date.
Please do not send any Literary Books to the state.

Permission for Photos

Letter to Businesses and Organizations Explaining the Literary Competition

2017 Entry Form for Chapters to send to Sigma State


2017 Fillable Entry Form for Chapters to send to Sigma State

You can type on this form, save, and print.
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Photos of Literary Competition Display of Winning Books at Sigma State Convention 2015

PowerPoint of 2016 Winning Literary Competition Books


Sigma State Literary Competition 2017—Entry Form
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