Delta Kappa Gamma Illinois State Organization





Instructions to Contact Resigned Members

Membership Smart Goal Action Steps

1. Recruiting:  “Educators need DKG!”

Understanding Membership Qualifications- Article III Constitution
Recruiting a wide spectrum of educators
DKG Prospect Card
Recommendation for Membership Form 11
Prospect Letter
Template for DKG Membership Brochures

Form 81 with Collegiate Membership

Recommendation for Active or Honorary Membership

Active or Honorary Member Induction

Invite to be a new Member

Collegiate Member Application

2. Processing New or Transferring Members

How do you find a chapter if a member is moving?
Society Headquarters can assist you with your transfer. Use the Transfer Request form if you know the name of your new chapter. Email if you wish us to assist you in connecting with the chapter(s) in your new area.
If your search for a new chapter extends through September and October, please pay dues to your previous chapter in order to avoid a dropped membership.

Initiation Letter
Orientation – http//www.dkg/content/membership – Pride-Big-Picture-orientation (this is also a good recruitment tool)
Contemporary Initiation Ceremony

3. Retaining and Nurturing Members

5 Why’s Analysis
Reorientation of Chapter Members using Pride-in-the-Big-Picture-Reorientation
Chapter Member Biographical Data Sheet

4. Remembering Chapter Members

Form 6


last update June 24, 2023