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2,500 Key Women Educators ~ 64 Chapters ~ Two Peninsulas

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Society Business

Committee Chairman Related Resources
Expansion/Membership Nancy Everett Membership Page
Necrology Lynne Elsesser Nancy Higgins Form 6
Finance Shaila Jehle  
Leadership Development Jackie Smart  
Nominations Joanne Gardner  
Standing Rules

Ann Elmer

Current Bylaws & Standing Rules
Personnel Kay Calley-Martin  
History Pat Charlton  
Approval of Minutes Diane Dray May Minutes Part I
May Minutes Part II
Chapter/Council Visitations Kathy Muench Visitation request letters and form
Strategic Planning Dr. Paula Dent Strategic Plan


Program of Work
Committee Chairman Related Resources
Program Elizabeth VanWestenburg  
Personal Growth and Service Marilyn Hopkins  
Professional Affairs Sue Kruizenga  
Research Nina Keener  

Nancy Tetzlaff

Marcia Thatcher

Legislation/US Forum Judy Foster DKG Tribune

Women in the Arts

Ranae Beyerlein
Theresa Sedmak


Educational Services
Committee Chairman Related Resources

Laura Perkins Newsletter Information
Scholarships/Grants Gloria Fisher  
World Fellowship
Gloria Richards *Brochure
Coordinating Councils

Julie Usher

Gedy Love

Coordinating Council Page
Wilma Adams

Norrie Slater

Chapter Funds
Emergency Funds
Historical Documents Kay Ostrom  
Technology/Webmaster Tamara Webster  



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